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Attributes and Reporting for SketchUp models. SpaceDesign SpaceDesign add-on for SketchUp helps you define attributes, create reports on SketchUp components, extend costs, product cutlists, and more.
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Although SpaceDesign can be used by individual users, it is designed for use by SketchUp Service Providers to enhance the products and services they provide to the SketchUp community.

  • Component Makers can include attributes for reporting in their components.
  • Ruby Developers can include attributes for reporting as part of the geometry they create.
  • Model Makers can include attributes in their models

All providers can benefit from the enhanced value of their offerings, by making free versions of SpaceDesign available to their client's end users and/or including OEM versions of SpaceDesign as part of their offering.

What is it?

SpaceDesign is for Component Layout Tools, Attributes and Reports, Calculations and Information.

Who should use it?

3D Component Makers, Ruby Developers and SketchUp Model Makers.

Space Design is very powerful – allowing customization of attributes, calculations, reports, etc. – However that means it can be challenging for end users to get everything right for a custom report. It makes more sense if a SketchUp Service Provider sets up attribute definitions, report formats, etc. and then passes them on to the end user.

How to use it?

Include Attributes in your Components and Groups for reporting then include SpaceDesign as part of your final product.

Attributes and Reports

SpaceDesign Wizard.jpg

SpaceDesign is an add-on for SketchUp for defining attributes and creating reports from SketchUp components.

  • report on Dynamic Component attributes.
  • Add your own attributes and report on them.
  • Combine and count components with similar attributes.
  • Extend cost and other fields (multiply by quantity).
  • Total extended cost and other fields.



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