Thawte SSL 123 Certificate

Thawte SSL 123 Certificate 256 bit - Domain Validated
Hersteller: CS nine GmbH
Artikelnummer: HOST-6a
€ 34,90 zzgl. MwSt. pro 1 Jahr(e)
€ 34,90 zzgl. MwSt.

With address-validated certificates, bank details, registration certificates and telephone numbers, amongst other things, are certified by Thawte. When clicking on the SSL lock of the certificate holder in the browser, the user sees the company name and location. 

This SSL web server certificate offers a comprehensive authentication system (verification of domain name and identity). Depending on the client’s browser performance and the crypto algorithms installed on your web server, it also offers 128-bit to 256-bit encryption, thereby ensuring that the information transferred between your web server and your clients' web browsers remains confidential. 

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